for evaluation of accounting maintenance cost of the companies dealing with the following activities:
wholesale (retail) trade, services rendering, construction and installation activities, etc.

Name of the company

Business legal structure (LLC, CJSC, etc.)

Date of the Companys registration, initiation date

The Companys location:
stated in constitutive document


Composition of shareholders:
legal entities (%of Charter capital, including foreign companies)

individuals (% of Charter capital)

Contact telephone

Contact person/position

When you plan to start working with LLC SALDOGROUP

Who is maintaining accounting presently (accountant, external company, etc.)

Necessity to recover or prepare reports for previous periods (before working with LLC SALDOGROUP

Taxation system:

Company specialization:
wholesale (retail) trade:
type of products (food products, children goods, household goods, office goods, equipment, etc.)

nomenclature in quantative terms (roughly)

number of counteragents (suppliers/buyers)

number of consignment notes for sale/purchase of goods

number of items in consignment note

Form of contracts for sale:

Services rendering:
sphere of service rendering

Services are rendered independently or via outsourcing

number of companies-counteragents (suppliers/buyers)

average number of operations re services of external companies per month

average number of operations re services rendered independently per month

number of consignment notes for sale/purchase of goods

number of items in consignment note

number companies-counteragents (suppliers/buyers)

volumes of work (roughly) performed for month (roughly) in money

average number of proforma invoice for month (issued/received)

whether construction materials are purchased

number of consignment notes for sale/purchase of goods

number of items in consignment note

if it is necessary to compose estimated documents by LLC SALDOGROUP

Other types of activities (which one)

Finance sources

Number of employees:


Foreign citizens

Civil law contract

Mode of labor payment:
Time-based payment, time-and-award, piece-work, piecework-award mode, etc.)

Terms of payment (via cashier, transfer to cards)

Payment periods per month

Social package for employees:
Mobile phones, medical insurance, catering, , . , , public services, etc

Modes of payment

Presence of affiliates or separated divisions (necessity to compose consolidated balance) and number of employees at affiliates

Number of stores (outlets) in retail/wholesale:
Actual location

Number of employees

Foreign economic activity:
Import (country and number of contracts)

Export (country and number of contracts)

Including CIS (country and number of contracts)

How accounting is done:

what program

Necessity of stock control:
warehouse presence

stock program

how stock control is planned to be done

Availability and amount of fixed assets or necessity to purchase them (underline applicable):

Land plots if available and their location:


Frequency of inventories (fixed assets, valuables, accounts payable and accounts receivable, etc.)

Rough number of payments via account:
number of incoming remittance orders

number of outgoing remittance orders

Rough number of operations via cashier:
number of incoming cash orders

number of outgoing cash orders

Number of expense timesheets

Number of business trip reports

Rough number of offsets on contracts

Number and list of contracts on current expenses:

communication (internet, telephone, mobile)

security services

utilities (power supply, water and heat supply, removal of garbage)


IF there are contracts for credit/amount:

foreign currency

Number of operations of entry and disposal of securities

If dividends to founders are paid

Tax period on VAT (monthly or quarterly, or state turnovers on sale):

Who will compose original documents:
cash documents (cash book, receipt and withdrawal slips)

cahiers register

bank documents

financial-and-economic activities orders

staff (orders, business trips certificates, Civil law contract)

salary calculation

invoices for payment

commissioners reports

expense timesheet

proforma invoices

purchase and sale books

contracts of sale

consignments for sale

goods reports

acts of valuables write-off

acts of placing in operation and withdrawal of fixed assets,

Necessity to control correctness of initial documents submitted to specialists of LLC SALDOGROUP

Who will compose accounting reports
clients company (list)

specialists of LLC SALDOGROUP

Who transfer of documents will be made:

Location of original documents storage